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Perilous Times

At the heart of the Medieval World, lay the city of Baghdad.  The capital of the Abbasid Empire, an empire which by 1055 CE found itself in a precarious position. The expansion of the Seljuqs in the East, the growing power of the Fatimid Empire in the South and the ever present Byzantine Empire to the West signalled troubling times ahead for the Abbasids.  

In Baghdad 1055 you take on the role of different empires vying for power,  prestige and ultimately control of the region.  Weaken your adversaries as you aim to strengthen your own positions. Negotiate, bribe, backstab and outwit in this 60 minute light strategy and area control board game.

Coming to Kickstarter 2023.  Sign up for updates above.

Expand Territory

Venture out from your capital city to expand your empire.  As your territory grows so too does your power and influence.  But be careful, the larger your territory, the bigger a target you become.

Develop Cities

Build libraries, gardens, schools and mosques to increase your power and prestige.  As you develop your territories they become more difficult to conquer.

Conquer Lands

Build your military and embark on campaigns to expand your empire by overtaking the territory of other players.  Unleashing a well timed Devastation on your opponent can also help to disrupt their strategy.

"Quick to pick up and engaging to play. I very much enjoy simple yet surprisingly strategic games, and think the engagement is high. Everything seems familiar and intuitive."

- Rovinder (Playtester)